Saturday, December 28, 2002

Anxiety rating..(1)

Christmas over with for another year..:-).new year around the corner.:-I..Hope the next year will be better than the past 2 years. Trouble seemed to go right through the whole family. One got better and another ended up in Pieces, we never seemed to get a break. But hopefully that's the worst over with and they say it comes in Still waiting for the brain scan/test results on my hubby they should be in mid January so fingers crossed for that..:-P

Not a great deal to say tonight, I learn more about myself everyday and how to distinguish between simple things that others take for granted. For example...the difference between anxiety, low blood sugar and being you may think but no!..for someone who has suffered with an anxiety based disorder they all seem to merge into one and its very hard to realize what your experiencing at any given time. Adrenalin plays a huge part in all these and that chemical is the cause of all an anxious persons problems!...I'm slowly re-programming my brain to understand what is happening to my body..they say it takes as long to get out of it as it did to get into it..:-/ 2 years down another 5 to go before I'm normal *normal* is?

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