Sunday, December 22, 2002

Anxiety rating..(1)

More Christmas shopping today..:-). Went for the final prezzies for the kids. 2 hours in Toys R to put any normal person in the nuthouse! But I did enjoy it and I think the kids will like what we got, fingers crossed..:-)....I just have to wrap the damn things now..:-(
Added a translator to the page. Thought it was only right and proper as Blogger is world wide and the page will soon be in the search engines. Was playing with it just copy and paste the text to the box and it translates it on a separate page. Its really impressive and I think a good way to brush up on my French!..:-D

Found a great site the other night more for adults, how about a sample?...what about This or even that or maybe the other? I have posted the URL to this site on my Pics/poems page under links more of!..Have fun!!..:-D

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