Friday, December 27, 2002

Anxiety rating..(10) joking..:-)

I was going to come on here and say what a great Christmas I had and how I had not felt anxious over the Christmas period for the first time in many years....but then I had my usual read through other blogs (as its always a joy to peep inside the lives of others) and I read The Homeless Guy...:-(...what can I say...I'm speechless..:-O..I have been reading this blog for a few months now but I can honestly say that I have never really grasped what It must be like to be homeless until I read his last post!....I almost feel guilty for being happy for the first time in years. You should give it a read, It will put a whole new outlook on your problems.

Christmas was good..:-)..I enjoyed It for the first time in years and my anxiety never got a look in! The Kids liked their prezzies.
The Turkey named joking it was nameless..hehe..well that was very tasty but I will admit to having nothing to do with the preparation and cooking of the poor thing..:-/...neither did I go anywhere near the poor pork either...:-O.. I left that to hubby..I did all the hard stuff like playing with the kids toys and adding water to my sons Sea I must have not got the balance quiet right as they did not hatch straight away, but I'm glad to report I'm the proud gran of about 50 of the little darlings all swimming happily in their trend new home.
Revenge of the cooked turkey!..:-(

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