Wednesday, December 11, 2002

God Save The Queen

For all the royalists amongst you!..:-)

Anxiety rating....(2)
I will admit at this point to stealing most of what I put on here from other sites pages etc....but if it makes me smile I like to pass that on. The above link put a real smile on my face and I will never see the queen again in the same light =P

Looking at this page it seems to resemble an accident in a graphics/text organized chaos....with cute thrown in!...But it will have to do until I feel more brave..:-D and no more about HTML to make some real changes. Others pages I view seem to very slick and well mine?????????...lmao

My son has just returned from his school play...he was a TREE this a green face that resembles the Hulk!...I sent my hubby to the afternoon performance armed with my digital camera........bad idea..:-(..He came back and happily handed me the camera saying.."I took 3 good ones" turned it on and skipped through the pics.....oh dear no pics...the dial had turned in his pocket and he never got a thing!...
Oh well you know what they say 'if you want something doing then do it yourself!...hehe

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