Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Anxiety rating.. (1) .. Gggrrr rating ..(2).. I want my bed rating..(9) :I

Good to see Haloscan are up to par..:(.. no comments yet again :(.. but on the good side I got smilies back in my tag box and that's still working :)..YAY......
Nothing much to report. Kids Ok now but hubby full of it :(.. poor love.. and me, well I still got a headache :(.. can't work out were the detox ended and sinus infection started :(.. And oh yes 2 lovely black eyes :).. I look gorgeous, other than that not feeling too bad, though I must say the SOYA MILK took some getting used to. Yes another one of my bits to my changed diet :(.. it contains natural estrogens which is ideal for the hormonally challenged among us :).. But it tastes like S**T :O
Got my new toy today Paint Shop Pro with my graphics do dars..hehe.. just had a quick play . Its fab. Now I can get on and re vamp some of these old pics, should be fun :)
Oh well I have bored both you and myself enough so time for an early night me thinks, Hope your all well, just going for a quick blog read before bed:)

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