Friday, February 14, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2) ... Grr rating.. (1).. Feeling OK :)

Hope you all had a good day full of Looovvvvvveeeeeeeee and stuff :)
Now I'm intrigued by the comment from peter in my tag box..:/... I don't know anyone by the name of peter :\.. and stranger still How does he know where I live? :o.. I'm at a loss as to who this person is.. so if your out there would you please drop me an e.mail and put me out of my misery :I
Seems I have been lucky and only had a few days of bad cramps to deal with ..:P.. unlike the rest of you poor people who found them selves spending way to much time in the company of their loos..hehe Hope your all feeling better now :)

New to my blog roll this evening in the girls corner is Sinister Sister.. I'm very jealous as she lives in the gorgeous Philippines and where all stuck here with this freezing damp cold weather :(
And for the boys corner I give you Dragonthief.. I hear from a reliable source that hes a Doctor no less :0
Take a look at this.. Lol it made me smile..
Sleep well chucks..:) x x x

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