Sunday, February 09, 2003

Anxiety rating..(2) Gggrrr rating..(2)

I just reached a sticky spot that I cant get past in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.. Looks like I will have to bribe my son to come and give me a hand :)
I noticed that some kind sole by the name of Chukkie Egg had left a comment in regard to my post on e.mail scams.. The one below where my relatives were burnt to ashes and had left lots of money... I was shocked when I followed the link and found this. I was aware there was a problem with this kind if stuff but had no idea it was a bad as that... really how sick can some people be :/... second thoughts don't answer that :0
Its Sunday evening again and as usual I'm feeling like a bear with a sore head :( In my years of trying to get my head around what I have become, I have found many ways in which to help me cope with ever day life. My worst time has to be mornings *YUCK*. I get what can only be described as morning sickness, sometimes ending with my head down the loo and others with me blacking out :/ You can imagine with 2 kids to get up and ready for school this posses a massive task in its self. God I hate hormones.. the menopause is bad enough when your in your 50s and have no one to worry about but yourself, but at my age its a nightmare. I even packed in work 6 months ago as I found the bouts of feeling like death and the crazy stuff it does to your brain and thought process toomuch to bare. I really had no idea that the menopause could cause so many symptoms and have such a dramatic affect on your life until I did some research on line. This page I found very helpful and nearly fell of my chair when I read the symptoms list and realized I wasn't going mad after all :P Oh well the joys of being female I guess, on the bright side I will be over the worst while I'm still young and on the *Oh my God* side I may shrink even more and being only 5'2" tall to start with the idea does not appeal much :(
Sleep well x x

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