Thursday, February 20, 2003

Anxiety rating..(1) Gggrrr rating ..(0) :CP

A big thank you to Harry Stone for my new title.. I love it :).. even though the pick makes me look like a hunched back with an attitude problem :0. I have made a few more with new software I bought and will post them from time to time just to bore you even more :p.. I would hate to think you gained any enjoyment from looking at my page ;)

Bungee Jumping... hhhmmmmmm I was giving it some serious thought until I saw this..:0.. maybe not the best idea I had this decade :)

Just a quick line to Mr P..:).. I'm sorry for the lack of mail hun .. time goes no where and I have been using my 'net time' to update my page ( oh and play with it too :0 ).. Now I got it sorted I promise to do some mail over the next few days.. I got a stack to do because I have been burying my head in HTML in the hope my sad, boring housewife life would go away :(.. all together now.. aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww. hehe

One more thing...... I happy to report that I finally got my scanner working on this XP thing!! :).. I saw a nice new one going cheap at PC world ..half price it was.. and I thought to myself.. 'yes I'll have that'.. then just as I was about to press the *PURCHASE* button my miser side took over and demanded I went back to the Primax page to see if they had sorted the driver issue. Yes they had so many complaints about it they had put up a link to a site that gave a full break down of how to get round the problem... YYYYIIIIIIPPPPPPPPEEEEEE.. so I'm a happy bunny and can do some more work on my other pages over the weekend. Lots of bad photos of me when I was 12/4/ and anything else I can find to bore you all enough so you give up the will to live!!

Sleep Well Chucks and have a good one! :) x x x

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