Saturday, February 22, 2003

Anxiety Rating ..(1).. Gggrr rating.. (1).. Brain dead rating.. off the scale :(

Hormones aaarrrrgggggghhhh.. my head feel like I borrowed it from someone with a frontal lobotomy :P... I feel so strange I cant explain. Woke this morning feeling gooooooodddddd.. I have been having strange flashback things.. almost like a bit of me that disappeared 9 years ago is finding its way home :).. Hard to explain really.. just like a part of my brain that went into coma has now started to awake :).. bringing the old me back.. giddy girly happy full of life and love of life.. Its really strange. I'm so used to the 'this' me.. the one that is paranoid and numb to all that goes on around.. Its a shock to be reminded of what an outgoing person I was and how I never let anything or anyone bother/get to me.. just sailed through life with a grin on my face :).. Shouted, balled, ranted when needed then a second later Happy and couldn't give a damn..hehe So folks if I start going all strange on you, don't be alarmed it will pass and normality will resume in a short time :)

Not managed to get anything done with the pics yet :I been busy with jobs at home that needed doing, will try and do a bit next week as the kids are off school so my time is more my own :)
Just been reading the blog roll.. hhhhhmmmmm.. many sad things going on for people at the mo.... and its hard when you know there is nothing you can do to help them :/.. hope things come OK in the end :)
I often think just how lucky I am to have the stability I have.. Yes many bad things have happened over the past few years that have caused much worry for us all, but we got through it all as a family. Supported each other when it was needed. I know I did mention about my hubby a while ago, but it was just my paranoia.. there was no real need to be alarmed in any way. Funny how things can seem to be one thing if you take them apart enough. I am a very lucky girl to have what I have. Relationship of 10 years strong and very loving one at that. 2 healthy kids.. nice home.. no money worries.. Most peoples dream I guess and I do take it for granted sometimes as I'm sure were all guilty of that from time to time :/

Enough of my ramblings.. Hope you all sleep well.. Much Love and hugs to all x x

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