Saturday, November 30, 2002

Look at the time..:-(..
Went to bed, couldn't sleep so came down and did the ironing...lmao........Either I'm totally mad or this bug has just reached my brain:-D...I hate ironing and only do it because no one else in the house will. Yet I enjoyed it...lmao..oh dear must be madness!!..but I do feel a little better..:-)
The weekend is upon us and my chores to do are...Make a tree costume for my son William for his its Blue peter cardboard, paint and glue time..:-P....should be fun!..... Oh yes and the not so enjoyable task of cleaning out my pigs!.:-(..I always look forward to being up to my armpits in pig s**t...NOT!!!!!!!.. But they look up at me with their sparkling little eyes and I'm gone..just have to dive right in there. I usually come out of the garage looking like I have slept in a barn overnight!..:-D..But I love their little fury butts so cant help myself.
Maybe I will try to get some sleep and see what tomorrow brings. Some horrible tropical disease knowing my nite x

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