Monday, November 25, 2002

Anxiety Rating..(2)..Thank goodness Monday is over with!..hehe

Well yippee, the lovely chaps upstairs saw fit to sort my probs with blogger and I'm now up and running..:-D
Though for some reason my pussy seems to have gone walk about from the right hand margin..:-(..I'll have a look later.
I have put a link through to another site where I will keep my pics and stuff that will be changed on a weekly basis. Not much there yet other than a picture of me looking like I have just found out my lottery ticket was in my jeans when I washed them..:-( and my numbers have just come up!..LOL

Well today..LoL..what can I say..:-O....Almost killed myself while replacing a bulb in my daughters bedroom. Being of that awkward age that she is at, she decided that it had to be replaced that moment!..I was just on my way out to collect my son so was in a rush this point the following would of been of help.. *note to brain! not attempt such a tricky maneuver without having some one hold the Cola Bin..(Don't ask...LoL)and never while your in such a rush you meet yourself coming back the other way!*..But sadly brain was not in gear and I was left dangling from the lampshade..:-O.....LoL.. Strange I never saw such a thing mentioned in the ' housewife/mother/gardener/general dogs body handbook'...:-P..oh well I survived to tell the tale.
It seems I'm getting the hang of this net programing thingy better than I thought..:-)..and I have really enjoyed it so far. Had a few hiccups but on the whole pretty simple, even for a intellectually starved, brain dead housewife like myself...;-) So I'm going to stick some more pics up on the other site and then if I'm feeling really brave I may even give the URL to some of my friends for them to slap me down and tell me I need to get out more!!! I know there right..but I'm having so much fun....:-D
I found another good site for us anxious folk..:-)..I put a link below the panic free one..give it a go!... He seems to have come through the anxiety thing with the same good result as I have using the same method, So it must work..LOL....Don't ever give up trying it took me 7 years of bad symptoms and a lifetime of just being very anxious to realize I even had a serious problem. I got through it and you can too! Give it a try you having nothing to loose and a whole new life to gain and myself and many others are proof that it is achievable.
Now before I go to play with some download files..;-D..(I'm really hooked aren't I..LoL) I intend to post a joke at the end of all future posts. That should be a task in itself..LoL..But I will rise to the challenge...Here goes.
Two Goldfish are in a tank. One turns to the other and says 'Do you know how to drive this thing?'
Sorry..LoL..but finding a clean one that I can use proved harder than I first imagined..LoL

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