Sunday, November 24, 2002

I'm still having a few problems with the blogger products and my blog spot plus account is not working as yet so no pics..:-(

Anxiety Rating (3)........Its Sunday again and how I hate Monday mornings!!!!...aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Life is Ok at the moment not too much stress to deal with. My 15 year old daughter is doing her Moks at the moment so she is finding things hard. She also suffers from an anxiety condition which started as far back as her first starting school. With the end of school in site,after Easter next year, she seems to be making real steps forward..:-)
Back to my story................
My anxiety goes back as far as I can remember also. Never had any self confidence, small insecure and generally feeling like a small fish in a huge pool full of sharks!..LoL Strange but the more I speak to people with similar problems, this seems to be a common thread. So I have come to the conclusion that its just the way we are made and all it takes is circumstances, situations to bring it out.
I survived school just, but must admit I hated most of it. The feelings I had back then are still there and I find it really hard now having 2 kids of my own, and having to send them back into that shark infested water! I think that's why my anxiety hit an all time high with the birth of my second child. My daughter had started school and then there was all this extra responsibility, something that again I feel is common in people who suffer from anxiety. It seems that just keeping your self together on a day to day basis is enough to push you to the limits without the extra burden of others. And in this lies my first major mistake. I should have never had any kids until I had come to terms with myself and my own anxiety. Well that's what my CPN said any

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