Thursday, November 28, 2002

Anxiety rating..(2)..:-P
Feeling a bit more human today..:-D..Even now it gets me when I think I am coping well, but that's just the way I guess. Over the years I have learnt to except it as 'my lot' in life. The way I see it is there are so many others out there in the world living with terrible diseases like AIDS, Cancer and a host of other problems brought on by their geographical location, such as starvation war etc....I could go on and on. So my little problem somehow seems very small and unimportant.
Enough of the sadness that fills the world, I'll move onto something a little more up lifting, a wonderbra perhaps! saviour of the female No serious now...I have made a few more changes to the site. I finally gave up on 'Fat Kitty' who used to live in the right hand margin..:-(..maybe he is stuck up a tree with the brigade strike at the moment, I feel I will never see him again..:-O.. So have added something else in his place. I like the mood thingy..hehe.... I have also done a little more on the other site other pics plus a *poem Type Thing* call it that because I have no idea how to explain...;-)..give it a read you will understand!
A big (((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))) for my brother Darryl..:-)..sent him the addy last much love to you bro!

I found a chat room last night for people with phobias etc...I nearly passed out..:-O..there were real people in there!!.LMAO..usually when you go in these things all you get is the odd message of some poor bewildered person who sat there for 15mins then gave up the will to live and left! no..there were real people both men and women and all really nice too. I have posted a link in the margin on the left.
Its joke time again....:-(..Finding things that are printable is a tall

Van Gogh goes in to a pub and his mate asks him if he wants a drink.
"No thank" said Vincent, "I've got one ear."
Well I thought it was funny..:-P

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