Thursday, July 31, 2003


All is quiet.. not a sound in the house :(.. They are all in bed asleep.. Even stranger.. the net is quiet.. not a person I know online :(.. Did someone take over the planet and not tell me?.. or is it the dreaded *THURSDAY NIGHT BLACK HOLE BLIP*... I am amazed.. this seems to happen regular on a Thursday... :(.. Is there a Hip Net party going on somewhere and you don't think I'm cool enough to be invited.. or are you all suffering the *Its almost the end of the week and I'm Knackered* syndrome? Well either way I'm bored out of my braindead housewife scull :(.. Can't be bothered to convert any CDs.. or download any MP3s.. don't feel much like going in a chat room or game room.. So I guess I will have to go and take out my frustrations on some unsuspecting oranges.. and squeeze the life out of the little orange buggers ;)

P.s. Have no idea how to get the background to work on other browsers.. Sorry guys..
P.p.s. Have a great Holiday Mr P :).. You will be fine.. Honest.. Believe me.. I was a psychic in a previous life ;P

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