Sunday, July 06, 2003

Lactating Barbie
Lactating Barbie? What the fuck is wrong with you?
Snap out of it and kill the kid while you still

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
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Sorry for the above quiz.. but thought it was very apt with the content of my next moan :/


What can you say really .. other than anyone got a big gun so I can put myself out of my misery :(
Why do we bother having children?.. Why do we invest such time and effort with tenderness and love, only to have it all thrown back in our faces and be told *WHAT A CRAP PARENT WE ARE*.. but the laugh is this comes at the end of an argument when teenager daughter has just been found out for using mummy's password to log on to AOL till approx 7.30 am :(
It seems the reason for her abuse of my password is because I'm a terrible parent :/.. My God how did .. *you little mare , I have just checked my online bill and you have been logging in on my account till the early hours *.. get turned around to .. *its all your fault, if you weren't such a crap mother I wouldn't need to go on the net (LARGE PAUSE FOR INTAKE OF BREATH>> NOW SCREAM SOME MORE) and for gods sake mother One hour is no use to anyone, I can only download one song in that time!!!*
The only reason I got AOL was due to the fact she could not be trusted to come off when told.. and when she thought we were asleep she would re dial. I never thought for a minute that she would spend hours looking through my net books to find my password. *Hits head with large blunt object*.. How stupid was I!! All I can say is "Don't have any kids" That way you will never have to spend hours on end.. Screaming at the top of your voice... and having every thing you have ever done thrown back in your face by the ungrateful little buggers when you find them out yet again :(
Parenting Sucks!!

But on a lighter note :).. Weather was Ok today
Sleep Well x x

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