Thursday, July 24, 2003

MEN... :(

My so called husband has just walked in at 11pm.. he left the house at 2pm this afternoon to play a round of golf..:(.. Is it me or do you also find this unreasonable.. I mean honestly.. well.. I'm so lost for words. what can you say.. I just can't believe it :(.. We had a big shouting session before he left and I told him I had had enough of it . And from now on am going on strike in both the work/gardening bit and the bedroom bit. Because people its like this.. If I go out for even a couple of hours to paint a friends wall.. I get phone calls wanting to know where I am and why am I not home yet... and if I just buggered off for the afternoon leaving him with the kids/housework/cooking/washing.. he would flip his lid. I think its time for an advert in the *looking for a new partner* web sites.. cos I'm so fed up of banging my head against a large green brick wall with white balls on it .!!

On a lighter note the kids have now broken up for 7 weeks.. AAARRGGHHH. and bets are on for how many weeks it takes me to loose the plot.. Closely followed by the will to live :(.. If the kids don't get me.. the damn golf will! :(

nit nite x x

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