Sunday, July 27, 2003

A Change is as good as a rest!

Can't quiet see it myself.. its bloody stressful.. waiting for your blog to appear, so you can see what damage you have done with your attempt to make it more hip. Well I have never been hip.. so why start now ;) I must say though it does look like I could happily advertise such things as *The Rabbit* and *The Butterfly* on it.. (For toughs of you who think I have lost the plot visit Ann Summers Online.. all will become clear)

Added a few new links.. Ali for the girls... This site had me going green.. its way too fab..
Husky Pup for the boys.. Wins the vote for best site with a cute puppy on it!
and Wallybrane.. for the boys also.. Politics meets sarcasm... hmmmm :)

Have a good one x x

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