Monday, September 01, 2003

Updates :)

YAY.. I log onto freeserve and I find they are now doing the package for free.. plus the first month free :).. There is a god after all.. so as soon as AOL get there Broadband off my line I'm in there quicker than a rat up a drainpipe. Not that I have ever seen a rat running up a drain pipe.. but I hear from reliable sources its pretty quick :)
Other than that the PC seems to be behaving itself.

HHmmmmmmmmmm.. well for the poor people who have been known to read this site on the odd occasion. I'm sure you will remember me having a grumble about how I was acquiring extra bits of me.. mainly in the Butt/boobs/chins department :( Well some I have lost a few pounds (mainly on buying stuff for my sponge like Pc :) joke aside.. I have lost a bit.. but mainly due to a daily workout, bike riding,playing tennis with the kids and generally being more active.. I have lost inches which is better :) and the bits that had gone south for warmer climates have undertaken a rapid return :) You don't seem to realise how unfit you get until you try to workout and find yourself blowing and puffing like you smoke 40 a day :( no wonder things were looking limp and un interested in life. Well I feel much better for it and have even got that spring back in my step that I hadn't seen for many a year :)

YAY get the flags out the kids are back to school next week.. I can't wait.. Days of peace and quiet .. going on the net when I want without the door going every 5 mins and a head popping round it to say "MMMMOOOOOOOMMMMMMM.. Can I Have.... ".. gggrrrrrrrrrrrrr and the constant pointless squabbles over nothing!.. I'm sure they just like to hear their own voices.
Daughter got her Exam results.. and considering she missed most of the last year at school, almost 50%, she did well.. she passed all 9 she took and got 4 Cs.. which was pretty darn good I think. She is returning to 6th form to do a few retakes to try and up a few grades and also do a year course In ICT.. so hopefully she should be able to teach me a few things!

Well that's all folks :P.. well not really but I will save the rest for another night :) x

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