Sunday, August 31, 2003


What a week :(
Bloody Pcs... who would have em..:( For the people that did not know.. I got Broadband a couple of weeks ago.. well AOL Broadband..:( And yes the service is great.. Its very fast and makes the net experience much more enjoyable. But naughty me had let her anti virus subscription slide *Smack to one wrist* .. so I though.. quick upgrade it now I have broadband I'm a huge target.. So I did.. only to find that I was already infected with 2 worms and 2 trojans.. AArrgggg.. well I did the *removal tool* thing.. and thought that would be the end of it .. no.. afterwards things seemed ok.. but the next day when I logged things were very strange.. certain things just wouldn't run at all and others behaved erratically :(
So after trying to fix things for a few hours I mad the decision to do a complete reboot.. I had a computer guy coming in a few days so thought now was a god time to start a fresh. It wasn't too bad as I have 2 hard drives so was able to save the important stuff on there :).. took me best part of a day to get everything installed and up and running.. So I thought great.. That's the worst over with... NO!!!!!.. that would be too simple...
Computer guy comes.. fits the new bits I wanted.. extra USB2 plus a card reader... and also a switch for networking.... they say its really easy to network 2 XP PCs.. LMAO.. don't believe it!!.. well to cut a long story short after 3 hours and the poor guy leaving at 10.30pm.. we had the network up and running.. he said he would return the next day to sort out the internet bit... Great I though.. No more kids hogging my PC..:).. But No!!.. in the sad world that is my reality nothing is ever straight forward.:(
He returns the next evening.. and makes a start.. but try as we may.. we cant get the thing to work.. So in desperation I look in the AOL help files.. and what do I find.. "AOL DOES NOT SUPPORT NETWORKING".. gggrrrrrrr
could you believe it.. Never a mention of it when you sign up.. the buggers.. So I check on the message boards and yes.. you guessed it a page full of nasty posts about how poor people had spent mega bucks on wireless/routers to network PCs.. only to find they don't support it.
At this point I'm seeing red as my return period is up by a few days already and I'm now stuck with it.. my daughter cant access the internet at all from the upstairs PC and the whole point of getting broadband was so we could both be on at the same time.. GGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
So in my frustration I picks up the phone the next day and rings AOL.. I gave them such a stuffing about the lack of information when you sign up.. and how I was now stuck with this for 12months... The guy went away.. came back and said.. You can return it!.. I was surprised I didn't expect that at all.
Well to cut a long story only a little bit shorter I'm now back on dial up :(.. and it were things really this slow? I have to wait a few weeks for the AOL survive to be removed from my line.. then hopefully I can get Freeserve broadband.. but the laugh is.. when I signed for AOL both of them were free.. and now Freeserve are charging £50 for the modem.. *BANGS HEAD AGAINST ROOM WALL* Does someone up there have it in for me?

sleep well chucks.. x x

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