Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Flying High

One of the good parts about being a parent is buying your kids things that you would of liked as a kid.. LMAO.. I know its sad but we all do it.... Examples being..Zoo Tycoon for PC.. LOL..... and when a little face opens it and says 'what's This Rubbish'.. The reply goes.. 'oh sorry I'm sure I heard you mention that you would like it'.. I add at this point these are on the spot presents and not birthday or Christmas.. Even I'm not that cruel :).. The latest of my purchases was a kite :).. Bought along with a lot of other outside play goodies to entertain the kids in this nice weather.... After all I wouldn't want the shop owner to think I was buying it for myself ;) that would never do!!
Well today we finally had enough wind to give it a test run.. So off we went with half the kids from the estate in tow... grrrr.. It was ACE.. its a stunt kite with a very long tail. At this point I will let out sadistic mum!!.. LOL.. you'll see why in a min.. We did note while attempting to fly the thing that it would suddenly develop a will of its own .. do a triple Loop one way fly high into the air and then dive at light speed crashing to the ground..:) As all good parents do I heard the words of my own Parents being screeched from my mouth.. "Don't.. Stop It.. It will all end in tears". The words that came out were ..... "Don't get too close kids cos if it comes down on your head you'll be in casualty".. LMAO.. And yes we all know what's coming next don't we ;P
Well my lovely son in his usual grumpy way when he's tired decided not to listen.. and the words had no sooner started to leave my mouth when in a split second it plummeted did a loop the loop.. Lined itself up on his head and made a light speed dive... What can I say I laughed so hard I had to picked from the floor by a passer by.. And poor William.. Well he picked himself with a dazed look in his eye and said.. "Is it time to go home mum?"..

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