Monday, August 04, 2003

Is it hot enough for ya?

Yes is the answer.. always a good sign when you can fry eggs on the BBQ top without it being lit...LOL And its going to get even hotter :O.. I'm happy to report that after a bit of sunbathing I'm my usual dishwater beige colour :(.. Most people go brown.. or a strange Its hard to say really.. I just look like I need a good wash :(.. Oh well

Well I have lost the will to live over the page colour and background :(.. and this RED is way to bright.. I want it to say softly "I'm red.. come and love me".. not scream "RED IM DESPERATE COME AND HAVE ME!!".. So more playing is needed But can you see it folks?.. That's the big one?
and what's more.. Does anyone give a damn?

I found this on a page the other night.. its a must for all Tenacious D Fans.. but its XX rated.. so no under 18s please.. come to think of it.. they would know more about the subject matter than us 10 years married types would ;) It takes a while to download but its worth it.. Well that's my opinion.. I will prob get lots of nasty comments saying.. "What is this crap.. Have you gone mad?"

Sleep well x

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