Saturday, September 27, 2003

RIP Harry :(

One of my fav pigs died the other day... aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww.. Just buried him the garden this afternoon.. I must be careful .. Its starting to look like a graveyard and the neighbors will start to talk!... I'm down to just 10 now.. lol.. Yes I did say 10.. but when I was doing the rescue I had 38 in at one time :/.. that was hard work!!.. They are dying out slowly of old age now... 6 males and 4 females left.. but I expect to loose a few more over the winter as they are getting so old.. just like their owner ;P

A few useful bits for ya.........
Try Stickies.. Its fab.. Its post it notes for the PC without the (pinched it from listeners site :/) I have been looking for a bit of software for ages to do this.. Loads better than lots of bits of paper lying around.. Great!!
And for all toughs poor people who run on XP and are being plagued by toughs messenger adds ever 2 mins. I have Norton security.. Firewall plus antivirus and it does not stop them!..gggggggggrrr. The guy who did my PC recommended Zonelabs If you scan through this you will find a free download firewall that does a great job.. and kills the bloody messenger adds.. YAY.. At last and you don't have to pay the 20/30 quid the others are asking.. That's what I like... FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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