Monday, April 07, 2003

Anxiety rating..(1).. Gggrr rating.. (1)

Another week over with :/.. I'm not sure where the time goes these days :P
It should have been school as normal tomorrow, but some little vandal burnt my daughters school down over the weekend :O.. My god what is the world coming to :(. She was finishing in a few weeks anyhow, returning to do her exams in the early summer. But now a large chunk of her work has gone up in smoke, so I have no idea what will happen. Oh well the joys of being a parent :P

Hubby still having a hard time with his back...hehe.. I shouldn't laugh but I cant help myself. I had a bad back for 3 months around Christmas time and he showed me no sympathy :(.. But his is self inflicted.. Its the bloody golf!.. but he wont have it.. Male pride and all that!.. So far hes been to the bone setters and had pins tuck in him :O.. lol.. no that wasn't me with my voodoo doll, shame though maybe I will try that next time:) Hes not been on the golf course for over 2 weeks now .. LMAO.. ahhhhh revenge!!! :)

Love 'N' stuff x x

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