Thursday, April 17, 2003

Anxiety rating (0) Grr rating (0).. :)

Well flipin eck.. Its been over a week and a half..:O
Slap my wrists for neglecting my page, me been a bad girl :P

Things to report

It turned out to be just the Art Block that had been burnt down, and they hope to have power restored and the rest of school up and running for after the holidays :) They even caught the little B******S that did it :)
The weather is great :) and life is GOOOOOOOOOD :) Busy busy busy but its all good fun :)
Been reading the other blogs on my list and all seems well in Blogland So that's pretty fab :)

Looking through my now diminished stats over the past week or so and found this LMAO.. it seems my little exploits with the massage oil were spotted :(.. hehe Honestly what goes on in some peoples heads ? and what the hell did 'HE' think when he came across my rubbish?...LOL

Hubby still doing the 'I'm a cripple please give me sympathy and nightly massages' routine, bless him :) but I must admit its been great having him around more. Reminds me of the old days when we had the farm and I could wave at him out of the window as he went about his work. He came in for morning tea and lunch and if I was bored I could nip out to see him :) Aaaaaaaawwwwwww bless Love in its first flush, ain't it grand :) and all the little things about him that now make me want to kick his face in :( were not an issue. I can't grumble were very lucky and get on well. Arguments are just something that don't happen in our house :).. We just don't speak to each other for 2 days :/ lol.

Oh well enough of this rubbish. Time to rip off some more Mp3s. Hugs and love to you all x x

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