Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Anxiety rating.. (2).. GGrr rating.. (0)

Enough of living, I'm Knackered!

Time to slow down again for a while me thinks :/. Spent the last few weeks making the average headless chicken look positively lethargic :P If I don't slow down then I'm sure I will find my self heading towards the *lemming Cliff* at great speed. So I'm going to be good, pull my head in an chill for a while.

As each day goes by I see the *old me* more and more :) Its hard to explain but its like I went into a coma when I got pregnant with my son 9 years ago and now I'm just starting to wake. Looking around.. shocked at where I am and How The Bloody hell Did I Get Here?.. Where did the 9 years go?.. Lost below that lemming cliff no doubt :(. Its funny how things suddenly seem clear again. I'm feeling emotions again. Looking at life through the same eyes of 9 years ago :I.. Its all very strange and a little bewildering. I need to take time to sit back and let it all sink in! So much so I have taken to sorting through lots of old boxes I haven't looked in for years *full of Memories* boxes, letters etc. I found a few letters that hubby and I wrote to each other over nearly 11 years ago now :) and I'm glad to say that my spelling has improved greatly :P.. *Well it could not get any worse!* I hear you cry! Its hard to remember the person I was :/.. It does upset me, as I fell I have lost such a chunk of my life to this anxiety :O
Oh well enough reflection. Hope alls well with your world this eve, Hugs x x x

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