Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Putting your money where your mouth is!!

I have been contacted by many organizations over the years of doing this blog. For some reason they think that I would be happy to endorse a product that I have never used... more fool them is what I say. As they find to their cost when they get the sharp end of my But I was contacted by an organization who where so confident in their product that they were happy to send me a copy FOC from America.. also and more strangely..they wanted me to do a review of it with no hidden agenda!!.. ROFL. are these people mad I ask myself.. Lets face it.. I'm not known for being sympathetic to people who try to make a fast buck on the back of other peoples suffering. But he seemed so confident in this product he was prepared to put his money where his mouth was and risk me slagging it off for the whole world to see. Mad fool!
So I'm now the proud Owner of Vanquish Anxiety & fear in 24Hours
Presentation gets a good 10 out of 10. Not fussy and well organized.. easy for the bored housewife to and that has to be plus!
The pack consists of 3 CD'S and a work book for you to chart your progress in.
Ok so I haven't had time to really get stuck into it as yet. But I have had a good look through the workbook that outlines the process contained on the 3cds. I was surprised to see the quality of the content. Having done CBT and a lot of research into GAD I'm aware of what works and what is helpful to people who suffer from anxiety conditions. This course seems to cover the lot !!.. plus extras ...thus attacking the condition from many different directions. This can only be a good thing as what will work for some people may not be so effective for others.
I guess it couldn't have come at a better time in my life when I'm in an anxious gibbering wreck frame of mind! So my friends.. to the future. I'm going to give this a real good go and see what sort of results I get from it. I must say though.. looking at myself as a rather large guinea pig did make me giggle a bit.. well they do say that owners often grow to look like their pets.

Watch this space!!

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