Saturday, May 07, 2005


Ok so yes I've been AWOL again. No change there then....
But it has been a funny few months. Husband took his 10 day holiday on a nice tropical island somewhere off Hawaii :( .Leaving me here to sob myself to sleep :/
Well not quite, but I did ball my eyes out for the first few hours after he went. Then spent that evening/early morning having the usual panic attack and feeling like shit . :( Not good!! But after I liked my wounds for a while and realized I had to cope I just did...Well... As you just do I guess. Well its not like I had a bigger work load or anything, cos it doesn't do much around the house It was just the locking the house up on my own on a night bit.. turning the key and knowing me and the kids were on our own. Not a nice feeling after 13 years of sharing everything. But you get over it and deal with it and move on. All in all we did great :) right upto the day before Rob came back, and my son William started with Symptoms not unlike an asthma attack.. It scared the shit out of me I can tell you. As they have stopped the local emergency doctor visits around here, and the nearest doctor now comes from Hull and it takes upto 2 hours. With no transport I was a real wreck hoping he was going to be OK. He had a nice steamy hot bath and that eased it so he did get some sleep, and I could rest a little easier. Kids... grrrrrrrrrr you never stop worrying about the little blighters do you.
Rob returned home full of Gifts/remorse and promises that he would not do it again Well lets face it girls.. we've all been there before haven't we... Course you won't Rob... Cos your divorced if you do it again you bastard!!!
Well then I have to get used to the idea that he's back.. and to be honest I'm not so sure how I was going to feel.. do you forgive and move on... or make the shits life hell for a few weeks?... oooooooooo its a tough call that one... and I feel I must be getting old as I went for the easy.. Forgive The Shit.. So life's back to normal.. sort of. Well it did sort out a lot of things to be honest.. made us talk about stuff we had been avoiding. So I guess it had the effect on me that he wanted.

Other stuff..
Been busy with my new project too these past 6 weeks or so and its almost ready to go.. I'll post details when I'm done :).. and sorry to disappoint you all but its not the E.Bay used panty scam!! :)

Id like to take this opportunity to say how sorry I am to the people who stumble upon this site. Well Lets face it guys.. when Your doing searches for things like..
Kick Testicles..
Days out in East Yorkshire..
32DD and still growing
Nervous breakdown
Tarets Syndrome
32dd Bay area
growing 32ddd
You must be so disappointed by finding this load of dribble.. When I read through my latest list of hits, I get the strange feeling there was a pattern forming somewhere. if Only I could see what it was :/
I would also Like to say a huge thank you to all the people over the years who have read this rubbish and been kind enough to comment.. either by shoutbox comment box or private e.mail. You're all great and a huge **HUG** is on its way to you all. x
In my 2 years of doing this blog I have never been **trolled** once. What a lucky girl I am. (Holds breath and waits for the on slaut of nutters to slag me to death over the next few weeks!) For thoughs not in the no... Trolling is a term used to describe sad people who get a huge kick out of leaving nasty comments on peoples pages, it also seems to happen a lot on forums too. Kinda sad really.. and I'm sure there is a Boffin out there with a head shaped like a light bulb who could shed some light on (from his huge light bulb head) the subject and why these guys feel the need to do such a thing. I always go by the saying..
**If you haven't got anything nice to say, Then Don't say anything you bastard!** well it works for me :P

Off to bed now... yes I'm finally sleeping in my own bed again after 4 years.. Bloody hell!.. Its a long story..:(

Nite nite x

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