Thursday, March 17, 2005

Point Taken :/

Ok folks I'm a lazy ass, and yes its been over a month since my last blog confession :( Been too busy with family turmoil a minor nervous breakdown
No change there then I hear you cry.. and yes you would be right. My life is one long rollercaoster ride, lurching from one minor disaster to another, and doing my best to cling to my sanity in between the huge drops :P

Where to start really... ermmmm.. The diet... :)
Well I'm pleased to report that went great!! Lost a stone since chrimbo back down to just under 8 stone. I haven't been that weight from when I had my son almost 12 years ago, so that's kinda cool. But on the down side the weight loss has played havoc with my anxiety and stress levels. Would you believe it!!.. I would have though it would be great.. but no!! my poor badly damaged body didn't like the idea of thinness :( It was happy with its chubby frame and 32DD boobs. So it decided to let me know about it and sent me spiraling into anxiety and stress level not seen for some years previous. That will teach me!! But on the whole I coped well.. got on top of the anxiety stuff very quickly, which I'm most chuffed with myself about I can tell you. But the stress levels are proving harder to cope with. But I think that's more down to things that are going on at the mo. A certain person, and their presence in my life.. Oh yes.. and my Bastard of a husband booking himself a nice 10 day holiday on a tropical island just off Hawaii. Without me and the kids!!.. Yes you did read that bit right. And the sad fact is its not the first time he's done it either. He did it about 6 years ago. I WANT A DIVORCE!! if its not the bloody golf I have to put up with.. Its the bloody holidays. I need a new husband.. any offers?

Well i'm glad I got that off my chest, 12 years together.. am I bonkers/.. lets face it folks.. you get less for murder these days!! Oh well for better for worse or so they say.. I'm just still waiting for the better :(

Other stuff..
Kids are great.. Kelly's beens for 3 job interviews and much to her disgust not got any :(.. her long suffering boyfriend has decided that he cant live without her so they are back together. I had to give them the hard word the other day. He stopped over as he does from time to time, but it was a Sunday evening and both had college the next day...hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm.. I didn't see either off them till 5pm on the Monday. I got the impression they thought it was back to *give peace a chance* and they were having a bed based LOVE IN or something. God help us.. Kids.. I give in!! Strange really.. when I say kids they are both almost 18. At that age I had a full time job, was engaged to be married, buying my first home and had a baby on the way!!.. shit.. It seems I have always been bonkers then don't it!


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