Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Met My Match?

Life is a funny thing.. There I was sat minding my own business.. Getting on with my life, as you do... Making judgments about people from short conversations :/... When infront of me appears a person... A person who makes me look up from my sad excuse for a life and take note..... A person who has, despite my first impression, made an impact on me in a short space of time.... A Person who seems able to take what I dish out.. And what's more can give just as good as he gets :P.. It *seems* I have maybe met my match?.. You know who you are my friend :)
Its all very cryptic I know.. but just had to say something.
And the lesson for today is.. Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover.. Or it may just jump up and bite you when you're not looking :O

Feeling Bored ?.... Need a little brain stimulation?.. Got a fetish for birds?
GiveFowl Wordsa go.. But I worn you.. its a bit I have already paid for an upgrade!.. Well I did say I was a sad person with no life :).. And that just goes to prove it!

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