Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Brief Analysis

Your first name of Nicola has given you inspirational, idealistic, and dramatic qualities. You have a clever, deep mind and the talent to excel in highly inspirational lines of endeavour as a dramatist, musician, writer, or artist. You can be lifted by beauty in all forms and are at the most creative when inspired. Your expressive, affectionate nature responds quickly through your feelings, but you must guard against being possessive and jealous. Your delight in mystery and your sensitivity to things you do not understand could draw you into occult studies or religions. Unfortunately, it is difficult for you to retain emotional stability, for you can easily swing into moods of depression and self-pity. Your quick temper can flare up suddenly and be over as suddenly, leaving you very sorry for any suffering you have caused.

Spoooookkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyy.. :O
This is so like me its scary... and I had a little giggle about the *possessive/gealousy* bit.

Check out yours Here.. and thanks to Ariel for the link :)

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