Saturday, February 05, 2005

To Gibber or not to Gibber?

Why is it..when your happily going along with your life.. feeling *yes I'm In control I am!* that the anxiety thing just jumps up and bites you on the arse :P Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my head was so far up the fore mentioned arse that I never saw it comming :) That will teach me folks!!.. never blog about feeling great again... cos its just like sitting by and waiting for a car crash to happen.. not a pretty sight at all. Lol but I got throught it.. out the other side .. It just makes you more aware how great it is to just feel normal. Not that I have ever been normal before ,I'm just bloody good at kiding myself.. Look its that head up the arse situation again *smacks self round head with large blunt object*

Anklebitters :/

I love my kids.. I really do. but sometimes I really despair for their sanity and how will they ever cope in the outside world.. It's so not ready for them!!
My son william now aged 11 is currently doing his *sex ed* at school.. What's so funny about that you might ask. well its like this... in the past 10 days hes..
Stopped me on the landing while I was dashing for the loo to question me in great detail about what shape his testicles should really be! My answer was something like this.. I don't have testicle's william.. How the bloody hell would I know... Ok its not the most supportive of comments for a child full of questions about his changing body.. but my god.. I needed the loo people :P

Not happy with my response to his question he corners his dad and demands that Rob should feel his testicles just to make sure they are the right shape. My god... what are these teachers telling these kids? Do they have a testicle fetish or something? or was this just something I missed out on while I was at school?

But the icing on the cake people has to be this... While happily sat around the dinner table eating our evening meal together as a family.. he some how managed to bring up the subject of ejaculation and orgasms, I glances to the side of me for the response from my red looking husband just in time to see him choke on his toad in the whole and fire a piece of sausage across the table at great velocity at William! well I guess that wasn't the answer he was looking for either but it changed the subject!

My lovely daughter, note at this point the term Lovely is ment in a gothic Mortisha Adams kinda way, is having relationship problems. After 6 months together, her long suffering boyfriend has finally seen the light and is desperately trying to break free from the strangeness that has become their relationship. I'm afraid to leave the house when he's round, just in case in a moment of madness he murders her and then tries to bury the body under the patio. But I must say.. if she don't stop winning about it and get it sorted, Im going to be pulling up the flags myself in redddiness for the event!

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