Wednesday, January 26, 2005


What a strange thing it is :/.. I believe that everything happens for a reason .. even the bad stuff. If you can stay strong and keep it together long enough to get through a situation then finding a positive edge on the outcome is the next step. This allows you to improve as a person as you travel along that rollercoaster that is called life. Ok my life has never really been easy, and just when I'm on my knees and think I can't take it any more fate gives me a good kick in the ribs to make sure I'm totally flat out. But on the positive side people.. when you're on the floor already.. the only wayleft is up!!! and what does not kill you makes you stronger and hopefully a more considerate human being to others and their feelings.

Lecture over!!.. lol
I'm constantly amazed by the how my life seems to be just mulling along OK then something or someone steps into it, when you had lost all hope of things ever changing. So as much as fate can kick you when you are will rise you up when you least expect it. Something or should I say someone has just happened to my life that has totally changed my outlook on who I thought I was and where I thought I wanted my future to go... Out of blue.. BANG. when you least expect it.. Its bonkers!!.. but very uplifting and a joy to experience. I have learnt so much this last 2 weeks about who I am, and why I behave the way I do to others. My relationship with my daughter and where my future is heading. All very positive stuff!! and if It comes to nothing in the end I will be a much better person for having had this person in my life.
So what I'm trying to say folks is this.. don't ever give up!!.. don't ever stop dreaming,wanting and hoping.. cos one day when you're sat there thinking well that's it then... good things will happen and remind you of how great life is and how lucky we are to be here and experience it.


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